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Flash floods may occur with little or no warning. Learn how to prepare with flood safety and insurance information.

If you live in or near a 100Year Floodplain, you have a
25% chance of being flooded once every 30 years. Flooding from small streams, roadside ditches, ponds, and lakes have caused widespread damage to homes and properties in our tri-county area. In the last 150 years, rivers and streams have inundated vari­ ous communities from Hornell to Wellsburg on an average of once every 4 112 years. Find out your flood hazard by looking at Flood Maps (FIRMs) at local government offices. Call your jurisdiction to find out where. ALL development in a floodplain, not just building construction, requires local permits. It is a violation to dump debris, including yard wastes, into a creek, stream or river and it should always be reported to your municipality. A building in the floodplain that sustains substantial damage or is substantially im­ proved must be brought into compliance with current standards.

The floodplain provides a green space for protec­ tion of streams from development and the forces of erosion. Never ride bicycles, ATVs or motorcycles on flood control dikes as the grass that is ruined actu­ ally helps to hold the dike together in high water events. Area wetlands can help improve water quality by filtering out impurities and nutrients from runoff. Homeowner Insurance policies do not cover damage to your home from flooding. Residents in Chemung, Steuben and Schuyler Counties can obtain Flood Insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) cover flood damages to your home nd its contents. Without Flood Insurance, many resi- dents have lost their homes and belongings due to flooding, and have never recovered financially. Insurance through NFIP can also be purchased by renters to insure their personal belongings. There's a 30 day waiting period for coverage to begin. Find out about NFIP today, don't wait until the next flood to find out your home is not covered. Many municipalities in our tri-county area participate in the Community Rating System which can lower the price of flood insurance for the residents, making it even more affordable!