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C.H.I.T. Objectives

-To recruit experts in chemistry, fire science, communications, safety, toxicology, hazardous waste management, and other disciplines offering a comprehensive knowledge in the event of a chemical emergency in the community. CHIT will maintain an up to date call roster of members with their area of expertise, their addresses and current telephone numbers for immediate notification. This team is not a first responder but only a resource bank for identifying materials and providing technical information.

-To establish or obtain access to data banks in order to provide needed information in the event of a chemical release or emergency.

-To assist in the training of future HAZMAT response teams so that these teams can properly handle a chemical release while protecting themselves, the public, and the environment.

-To provide information (and guidance) to an incident commander at any chemical incident. CHIT members will be called by order of the incident commander, through the EMO office, and will be in an advisory capacity to him to assist in a safe, efficient handling of the incident. CHIT members will not be expected to engage in containment or cleanup activities.

-To provide information to the emergency response agencies about the proper handling of chemicals and about emergencies involving hazardous materials in which CHIT is consulted.