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Local Government Flood Response

The Steuben and Chemung County Emergency Management Offices receive flood warnings, pertinent data, and forecasts from the FWS or other sources through the use of telephone, radio, and computerized radio-data links. Warnings are then issued to the public by use of the Emergency Alert System (EAS). Local radio and television stations cooperate in this notification effort. The broadcasters can be contacted by both telephone and radio link. Specific instructions concerning areas to be evacuated, shelter locations, and any other pertinent details will be given to the public with this system. Fire sirens throughout the County are also sounded to attract the attention of the public. Upon hearing the fire siren sound for unusually long periods, residents should tune to their local radio or television stations for specific instructions related to the emergency situation. Additionally, fire department personnel and police officers conduct sweeps of neighborhoods expected to be inundated and notify occupants using public address systems, sirens, and door-to-door contacts.

During a flood emergency, the Emergency Management Office maintains regular contact with local municipal, police, fire, and other emergency officials by telephone and/or radio. Schools, industry, hospitals, Red Cross, and Salvation Army are contacted directly whenever appropriate. Data, forecasts, and recommendations are provided whenever warranted.

Both Chemung and Steuben Counties test the emergency warning dissemination equipment and procedures annually.