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Avg. Travel Time

Cohocton River


Avoca to Bath

2 1/2 hours

Avoca to Painted Post

9 1/2 hours

Bath to Campbell

2-3 hours

Bath to Painted Post

7 hours

Bath(Cohocton River) to Corning (Chemung River)

7 hours

Painted Post (Cohocton River) to Corning(Chemung River)

< 1 hour

Painted Post(Cohocton River) to Elmira (Chemung River)

5 hours



Canisteo River


Almond Dam to West Cameron

4 hours

West Cameron to Addison

6 hours

Addison to Painted Post

7 hours

Addison(Canisteo River) to Corning(Chemung River)

7 hours

Addison(Canisteo River) to Elmira (Chemung River

14 1/2 hours



Cowanesque River


Nelson (Cowanesque River) to Lindley (Tioga River)

4 1/2 hours



Tioga River


Tioga Dam (Tioga River) to Corning (Chemung River)

10 hours

Tioga Junction to Lindley

2 1/2-3 hours

Lindley to Erwin

2-3 hours

Erwin to Painted Post

2 hours

Erwin(Tioga River) to Corning(Chemung River)

2 hours


Erwin (Tioga River) to Hickling Station(Chemung River)

4-5 hours



Chemung River


Corning to Elmira (Lake St.)                                              

4-5 hours     

Corning to Chemung

9 hours

Elmira to Chemung

5 hours